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The iAudioguide currently covers 16 sights of major interest including a track on the history of Paris. If you like the sample and you wish to buy the 16 mp3 track premium version for a mere 4,95 Euros (about 6,50 US$), please click on the 'buy now' button at the right hand side.
On top of that, we strongly recommend to print out the interactive map of Paris.

Le Louvre audioguide

Our partner Fileos allows you to discover the world of sculpture and painting with an extra-dimension: sound. Commentaries glazed with coloured soundscapes present you with the masterpieces from the Louvre, one of the world's most prestigious museums. The Louvre audio guide contains ten tracks. It last about 47 minutes. Click here to buy the Louvre audioguide for 6.95 €.

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