Audiobooks and audio guides - the companion for mobile travellers

Obviously you cannot take all your favourite books with you on your travels. However, if you cannot think of leaving without them audiobooks are for you. But they are also an excellent way of preparing or accompanying a journey.


Audiobooks - free trial downloads or free iPod Audiobooks are available for many different countries and cities. It is well worth listening to travel literature about the areas you are going to, but the books of regional authors are also very interesting. By listening them you will get an authentic insight into the lives and feelings of the inhabitants of the destination. And, lest we forget, it is a great way for advanced language learners to prepare for their trip.
Companies like Audible offer many high-quality audiobooks (fiction and non-fiction) to prepare your trip; and audiobooks are a wonderful way of entertainment and learning in the plane or bus while on tour. You are still not convinced? Audible often offers free downloads for ypur first trials. UK residents should try Audible UK , all others Audible International.


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