is a website that offers a great number of travel guides and audio tours. Guidigo created over 200 guided tours in countries and cities all over the world. Audio tours can be searched by location or topic. The themes of the tours are extremely varied. The focus can be exclusively on specific sights, monuments, or museums, like the Charlemont Gardens, in Dublin, Ireland. Other guided tours are more general in character.
The audio tours are accompanied by itineraries and indoor and outdoor maps. Each tour includes local knowledge, transport information, and opening hours. has also developed special kids-friendly apps, which offer challenges like quizzes and treasure hunts to get children more engaged. In touch with the newest technological developments, this guide app can also be downloaded to Google Glass. As a special feature the Guidigo app for Glass includes image recognition for museum trips.
The Guidigo travel app comes as an iPhone app, an android app, and an iPad app. The audio tours are available in the languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Swedish. Downloaded tours can be used offline. The prices vary per tour, many are free. You can see their explainer video here. and then download the app directly from GuidiGO.